The Journey with Jeff Young

Jeff Young presents The Journey - Sundays from 10am. 

Jeff has been with Jazz FM since 2010 and currently presents Sundays from 10 am - 2 pm.  He describes the programme as “a 4-hour excursion through everything that’s great in new and classic soul, jazz and jazz-funk.”

Jeff has been broadcasting soul and jazz since the late 70’s and his programmes have always been based on introducing new music to the listener as well as reviving seldom heard classics and he has previously been nominated in the Sony Radio Awards for “Best Specialist Radio Show”.  He pioneered dance music on BBC Radio One which for over 25 years has been a major part of that networks weekend output.

As well as working in broadcasting, Jeff has worked within the wider music industry for over 30 years and innovated many things that are the norm at major record labels these days such as boutique labels for dance music. Outside of music, he loves travelling, reading and cinema.


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