Bassist Avishai Cohen Celebrates his 50th with 50 Gigs

Avishai Cohen - 50:50:50

The acclaimed Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen will be celebrating his 50th birthday with 50 gigs in 50 countries in 2020!

The revered Israeli bassist, vocalist and composer Avishai Cohen is gearing up for a gargantuan year of globetrotting to celebrate his 50th birthday as he performs 50 gigs in 50 countries throughout 2020 - named '50:50:50'.

Cohen’s has played with many household names over the years including Bobby McFerrin, Panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez, trumpeter Roy Hagrove, Herbie Hancock as well as Chick Corea, with whom he became a founding member of the pianist’s Origin band.

Chick Corea - who has recently been awarded his 25th GRAMMY - was given a demo tape by one of his friends, and he was reportedly blown away by Cohen's originality and freshness after listening to it in his car. 

The world tour will showcase a variety of line-ups including Cohen's Trio, the Gently Disturbed band with Shai Maestro and Mark Guiliana, special orchestral concerts and a run of UK shows in the autumn in partnership with Jazzwise Magazine.

You can learn more about the tour here.

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