The new Jazz FM Smartphone App is here...

It’s like our birthday and Christmas all rolled into one here at Jazz FM as we’ve just opened the box and carefully unwrapped our shiny and new Jazz FM smartphone app. 

If yours hasn’t updated, visit the App Store or the Google Play Store today to download yours.

We thought we’d explain a little more about the new app with a helpful Q&A below.  We hope you enjoy this new way to listen in colour.


“I loved the old one!  Why have you decided to make the change?”
Well, we also loved our old Jazz FM app but we’ve had it for a while and we wanted something that was a bit cleaner to look at with easier access to our archive of programmes along with better ways for you to interact with our content. Plus, you know, sometimes change is good and shakes things up a little. 

We know what you are thinking though - “so what’s changed then”?
Well the basic idea of the Jazz FM app remains the same - you can listen to the world’s greatest jazz, soul and blues from the world’s greatest artists wherever you want (in the UK or US) through this natty technology. But we’ve made things a bit easier to find, putting your favourite programmes at the centre of your experience plus, importantly, we find it connects faster to the stream itself, which of course is always a good thing. 


“Tell me about the first thing I see when I launch the new Jazz FM App”
The FIRST thing you’ll see is our logo.  Then you’ll be automatically sent to the Homepage.  From there you can see immediately what song is playing on Jazz FM and also what was played and when with the playlist button.

Then there’s a long list of recommendations and recent programmes in chronological order for you to thumb through.  You’ll also see that amongst those programmes are other elements from Jazz FM – we’ve added the most relevant and up to date music news stories in there, alongside everything from exciting competitions to special app exclusive content via live session videos. Yes - you can now SEE our world-famous live sessions via the new Jazz FM App.




“What’s beyond the homepage?”
At the bottom of the home page are three buttons.  The middle two are the most important…

Shows is where you’ll find all of our programmes in traditional alphabetical order for you to listen to again. Once you’ve chosen the programme you want, you can navigate your way around it allowing you to skip forwards or backwards with much more ease.  Also, it’s worth noting that if you have to interrupt listening back to your favourite show and close the Jazz FM app, then when you reopen it, you’ll find that it picks up from where you left off!  WE KNOW!!! IT'S SO EXCITING!!!

And here’s a thing... wherever you see the icon of three horizontal lines and the plus (+) character means when you touch that, the item goes into the area marked Later. Using that allows you to create a playlist of what you want to listen back to. And it will stay in there for up to 28 days. 

You'll always find at the bottom of the Jazz FM App (below those three buttons) a horizontal bar of what is playing at that moment in time.   Click on it to expand out and you get the full controls for it.


Finally, something to note for those of you who use your Jazz FM App whilst on the move - it’s compatible with Apple Car Play and also Android Auto, plus there’s also a car mode for when you connect up and flip to a safe interface (of course, we’d rather you pull over or chose a safe time to use any interface when on the move anyway).